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October 2018: Objection to Residential Development Proposal, 7-11a North Claremont Street

Whilst the New Glasgow Society has always been active in cultivating new ideas about Glasgow’s built environment, including welcoming new housing in both the city centre and its surrounding areas, it is our role to continue to advocate high quality design and conserve the built heritage of the city.

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April 2018 – Proposed demolition of 335-345 Argyle Street

We note with dismay the current proposals for the proposed demolition of two listed buildings within the Glasgow Central Conservation Area for the development of a “headquarters development”. Located on Argyle Street and bounded by Robertson Street and York Street, the project would involve the full demolition of the Category C-listed 321-333 Argyle Street and the adjoining Category B listed 335-245 Argyle Street. Both buildings are currently listed on the Buildings at Risk Register and are believed to be in a “fair” condition.

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March 2018 – Custom House proposals

January 2018, with some revisions March 2018

Some thoughts on a proposed design by Sheppard Robson for the developer Artisan St. Enoch Quarter Limited, a subsidiary of Artisan Real Estate Investors Limited (Isle of Man) follow. 

(The proposal is for the conversion of Glasgow’s Custom House into part of a hotel, and incorporates the demolition of a stable block to the rear, and tenements on and adjacent Dixon St site, to enable construction of the larger part of the hotel.)

Overall, we feel supportive of the developer’s approach both in terms of early engagement with civic groups such as ourselves, and the general design approach.

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March 2017 – The other sides of the student accommodation debate

An unprecedented amount of construction of one type of building has taken place around Glasgow recently: 4800 dedicated places for students, with another 3800 currently under construction. These figures come from a piece in the Evening Times which caught our attention, and forms a welcome nuance to a debate which has become more popular and vigorous as these developments have become more ubiquitous, and the scale of development across the city more obvious.

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January 2017 – Style Mile vs. Geek Street

Glasgow’s international subcultural destination

Union St has been becoming increasingly, and visibly, run down in recent years – at least in terms of conventional commercial activity. The one factor compensating for this has been a parallel rise in vibrancy as subcultural elements colonise the area between Gordon and Argyle Street, and the area has become a destination for those interested in video, board and war-gaming, gadgets, pop culture and alternative music.

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Dec 2016 – Get Glasgow Moving

For too long, Glasgow’s public infrastructure has been neglected, divided and chaotic. It’s time for Glasgow’s transport systems to work for the public. Get Glasgow Moving isn’t just highlighting the problem, they’re taking action. We endorse their aims, and would urge support either directly, or at the two scheduled events focusing on bus regulation (Fri 9 Dec) and the possibilities of the Subway (Wed 14th Dec).