If you’d like to help New Glasgow Society do more to promote and protect Glasgow, its built architecture, streets and cultural life, please make yourself heard!

We’re looking for people with free time, commitment and/or expertise in several areas:

Volunteer Committee Member

The NGS Committee meets on the first Thursday of each month. We have a vacancy on the committee, and if you’re someone with an interest in (and/or professional involvement with) Glasgow’s built evironment, we’d like to meet you! If you’d like to arrange to sit in on a meeting, and discuss what you could bring to NGS, please get in touch.

Volunteer Gallery Invigilator

Another way of supporting the work of NGS is to help (on an occasional basis) staff our gallery. We’re often looking for individuals who are willing to keep the gallery open and continue its role in bringing ideas and visual debate about Glasgow’s architecture, environment and development to the public.

Volunteer Campaign Champion

We undertake campaigns to fight to save buildings under threat, or to promote positive developments within Glasgow’s built environment. Expertise in, and passion for, the improvement of urban life in the city are valuable commodities to our Society – please contact us if you feel you have something to offer in this role.

Volunteer Gallery Administration Assistant

NGS runs a busy gallery in an excellent high-street location, presenting work by Glasgow-based contemporary and more traditional artists, as well as our core exhibitions, which relate to our stated aims of promoting good development and celebration of Glasgow’s built environment. If you’re capable of assisting is with the administration (booking, correspondence, etc.) of the gallery, we’d be glad to hear from you. This is a role that can be carried out remotely.

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