Exhibit at NGS

We have two well-located spaces, with shopfront, used for various exhibitions and events throughout the year. 

The venues are available for hire for exhibitions and events at corporate and community rates.

Corporate:  set fee of £150/day, for use by professional bodies and commercial shows (e.g. architects’ community consultation)

Community:  set fee of £50/day, for use by students or community organisations and non-commercial shows

Utilities (electricity) used may be charged in addition to the hire fee.  The exhibitor is wholly responsible for invigilation staff and security and the return of the space to its original state and condition.

If you wish to enquiry about booking one of the galleries, please fill out the form at the foot of this page.

Payment of fees must be settled before any booking will be accepted. A two-day period is the minimum duration for which we normally hire the spaces, though exceptions can occasionally be made due to special circumstances.  

Plans and information

Plans and elevations are available here, both as pdf and as CAD (DWG) files – only currently available for NGS (West):

Gallery plan with shop front and internal elevations (pdf, to scale)

Gallery side elevation(pdf, to scale)

Gallery plan (CAD)

Gallery side elevation(CAD)

The legal maximum capacity of the NGS (West) space is 50 persons (if only the front area is available for a standing audience, the maximum capacity is 30 persons.)

Booking the gallery

This form is for enquiry purposes only.

Submission of this form provides New Glasgow Society (NGS) with sufficient information on which to evaluate the use of our gallery space and does not constitute a booking of that space.

Bookings are considered confirmed only when we have informed you by email and agreed the fee. All fees collected are used to support the running costs of the galleries and the charity.

Fields marked with an asterisk are mandatory.

Data protection

By submitting this form you give consent to New Glasgow Society to store and use the data provided to assess your application for the use of the galleries. If you wish to review any of your data held by NGS, please email info@newglasgowsociety.org and we will provide this information within one month of your request. You can also use this email to instruct us to delete any information previously submitted to us.

Dates and hours

Suggest your desired start and finish dates below. Please check our calendar of events on the front page and choose a set of dates which doesn't overlap with either a listed event or a provisional booking. If you have some flexibility in your booking dates (or simply want to suggest alternatives), please use the supplementary dates information box underneath. You can also inform us here if you wish to separate the booking dates into two blocks. Please consider that you must include sufficient days for install and deinstall, where necessary, and that we do not usually accept a hire period shorter than two days.

When in use, the gallery tends to be open from 10:00 - 16:00. However, this might not be suitable for your event, or you may not feel able to have the gallery staffed sufficiently for that time. In this case, please choose different opening hours.

Are you intending to host an opening or preview? If so, please indicate on which of your desired dates above this would take place and the required opening and closing times of this. 18:00-21:00 is often a good choice for this. Please bear in mind that we have upstairs neighbours and would strongly discourage any use of the space beyond 21:00-22:00. Also for this reason, any request for permission for music (especially performance) should be made in the 'Further comments' box at the foot of this form.

Exhibition/event details

If the final title is unavailable, please supply a temporary reference title, followed by 'tbc'. We can confirm the title later.

Important! Please select which space you are interested in: the original space, NGS (West) at Argyle St, the new NGS (East) at High Street, or if you would be happy to use either.

Use of the space by students, community organisations or non-commercial events is charged at £50/day and by professional bodies or commercial events at £150/day. This includes install day(s).


If you are able, at the time of submitting this form, to provide a 100-400 word explanatory text for your exhibition/event, then please include it below. Please also supply a representative image (min 800 pixels with or height). These can both be supplied at a later date - especially if you are simply enquiring about availability - but the earlier we have this information, the more we can do to promote the exhibition/event.

We list all confirmed exhibitions/events on or website, and reference this via our Twitter and Facebook accounts. We would recommend that you produce at least 2 x A2 sized posters to display on our A-board on the pavement outside our gallery. Our window is suitable for cut vinyl display, or even back-projection.

Click or drag a file to this area to upload.

Terms and conditions

In the event of my proposal being accepted, I agree to the following:

I am responsible for:

  • Ensuring the gallery is suitably staffed for all hours of opening.
  • Ensuring that the gallery is secured when leaving it for any duration.
  • Ensuring all interior and wall surfaces are returned to the state in which they were found (including sweeping up, waste disposal, and filling and painting of walls where necessary).
  • Providing any catering supplies required during opening and for the duration of the use of the gallery.
  • Payment of fees to secure booking; booking will not be guaranteed until any and all fees have been paid in full.
  • Payment of electricity charges in addition to rental fee, if substantial.

I also consent to the following:

  • NGS can use all images provided to them for promotional purposes.
  • NGS can retain all data submitted via this form to be used for the purpose of running the charity only; requests to view or ask for deletion of this data at any time can be made by emailing info@newglasgowsociety.org