Members may be intereted in this event at the CCA:

Joint The Drouth/Urban Lab (Mackintosh School of Architecture) presentation at CCA

Wednesday 19th January
7-9pm cinema

UN figures show that by the early 1960s Scotland’s percentage public housing building output was the highest in the world (ie higher than Soviet Russia, Communist Eastern Europe or China). From the late 50s when government subsidies for each floor over the 6th were introduced, much of this housing was high-rise. Glasgow itself is said to have built more high-rise housing per head of population --largely in the 60s and early 70s- than any other city in Europe. It is now said to have the biggest high-rise demolition programme ion the whole of Europe. What is the significance of this story? Three artists engage with this momentous social history.

These artists --a filmmaker, an illustrator and a photographer, along with a curator from Glasgow museums-- give presentations of their work on an important part of Scotland’s history. We show a film, present and discuss a new form of drawing developed specially for representing life in this form of housing, and a photographic project, which all record, remember, and investigate the high rise social housing, particularly those built in Sighthill and Red Road in Glasgow, and Adler in Dundee. Each artist will show and discuss their work with the audience.

Chris Leslie: filmmaker
Mitch Miller: illustrator
Nicky Bird: photographer
Crawford McGugan: curator
Introduced by Johnny Rodger

Free but ticketed: available from the CCA (I think)