It may be my age, but I am becoming increasingly annoyed by buildings. No - hang on, that's not quite right. It's not the buildings themselves that annoy me, but the failure of those in charge of their maintenance. For everywhere you look there are plants growing out of buildings. And not just wee plants - we're often talking bushes and even trees here! In Glasgow the tree that never grew is making up for lost time.

In failing to properly look after the buildings in their charge town and city councils are contributing in no small measure to the architectural decimation within Scotland.  And, I know, you're thinking: but not all these buildings are owned by councils. That may well be the case, but it is surely the responsibility of town and city councils to look after the town or city that they preside over? If an architecturally fine building is suffering through a lack of maintenance then no matter who owns it it is the council's responsibility to ensure that works gets done to remedy the problem.

Mostly, that problem is a failure to clean the rone. It's a two second job that could be carried out just once a year, maybe even once every two years. So what's the problem? Anyone any thoughts?

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