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As part of our broader Doors Open festival celebration of the mapping of Glasgow in all its varieties and approaches, Lex Lamb of New Glasgow Society relates the fascinating details of how a USSR project, whose products are only recently coming to light, meticulously recorded Glasgow’s civic and industrial landscape of the 1950s to 80s.

The Soviet mapping programme was the largest exercise in cartography ever carried out. One of the series of highly detailed City Plans to emerge from the programme is of Glasgow and its surroundings. With a particular streategic accent on industry and infrastructure, the map today provides an amazing, multi-period view of the city's manufacturing and civic status in the mid-late twentieth century. It also contains some undoubted errors, quirks, and pointers to rich areas for further research.

The map's substantial prose description, summary and assessment of the city (with a translation made public for the first time) will feature heavily.

Thu 13 September 2018
19:00-20:30 BST
New Glasgow Society 1307 Argyle Street G3 8TL
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