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“The world makes us in one and the same process as we make the world.” Andrew Pickering

Matter is a substance that is becoming and bodies live from the world. In being permeable systems, bodies are not self contained. Matter-energy flows through bodies as discrete entities, it composes bodies, transforms them and then dissipates; discrete little entities. Challenging conceptions of the body, this work intermeshes the human with other life forms and geographical places. Humans emerge from the same ‘chaotically’ coded forces that continuously entangle them. Despite being one from the environment, we don’t recognise our own ecological dimension. We pushed the earth into the Anthropocene forgetting that it touches us too.

Following Ruth’s graduation from Glasgow School of Art in 2017 with her project “Nothing is Solid”, here first solo exhibition is a reaction to an eight month residency at DSKD, Denmark, where she considered the body and its place. Indiscriminately referring to any entity which exists, “Material Bodies” is an exhibition of process and object groupings. Using material and digital recordings alongside a deeply embedded mode of research, Ruth makes to know materiality in process and texture, to contemplate time and her bodily experiences, and to consider our ecological dramas. New found studio processes respond to place and to the environmental humanities and science studies by Stacy Alaimo and Karen Barad. Jewellery, objects and moving images deepen the maker’s notion of corporeality before they turn to act as an interface between different bodies, human to human, and human to non-human.

Findings are disclosed into porcelain textures that generate more. Repetitive and responsive marks are slow to impose a palimpsest of interstices onto a material that is quick to retain everything. The clay stills when vitrified, it reveals totally, slowly. Fragile and translucent, still, and seemingly empty, they together with steel, thread and essential oils, invite the viewer to find a liminal ground for attentive, ontological intimacies. The wearer and viewer are offered a consented exhibition, or performance ritual, on vulnerability to build connections and dissolve boundaries.

New Glasgow Society, 25-26th August, 10am-4pm (minimum, I may extend depending on how the day goes). Preview 24th August, 6pm-9pm.