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With a total of over 50 new artworks (oil, acrylic, CG and other) on display, for the first time in Glasgow this exhibition introduces the talents of 30 Japanese artists. A vibrant mixture of pop and modern works from Japanese artists who currently live in Japan.

As the manga and anime phenomenon continues to gain popularity around the world, Japanese pop culture has become a global subculture all of its own. The cult known worldwide as “Cool Japan” has been born. Just as in the wider cultural community, so too in the art world, Japanese pop art has taken center stage.

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Kigisu,  “Blue Forest”


Masumi Senoo,  “Glimmer”

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Tetsuji Shirakawa, “Tsuyukusa”


Akane Asano, “Voice of the Wind”

2-10 Oct 2018, 10am-4pm

Opening Night: Thurs, 4 Oct 6pm-9pm  Everyone welcome.

Part of sales will be donated to the Glasgow Disability Alliance


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