Presenting the work of Cameron McCracken, Forum For Confabulation explores the resonant and emotional attachments people have to meaningful conversation via an immersive socially activated space. As a lover of sociality and discussion, his practice encompasses the active and decorative facets of sculpture,design and painting.

 In recent years there has been a distinct surplus of negative feelings and anti-social viewpoints lingering throughout society, both globally and locally. It is of great importance to maintain ourselves as social creatures, to just keep talking and go beyond the superficial details.

In response to this Forum For Confabulation looks to provide people with a separate and safe space in which to be together and create something unique and uniquely free from stress or critique. Investigating conversation and the making process as a form of escape, catharsis and play, Forum For Confabulation proposes new idyllic social spaces by gently offering some brief respite from the daily to and fro we all experience, with an open mind and offering people a place to relax and reflect upon our shared sociality.

Sometimes all that is needed is meaningful conversation with one another and the time and patience such an activity requires.

New Glasgow Society

Preview: Monday, 9 April, 18:00 – 21:00

Open: Tuesday, 10 April, 12:00 – 15:00