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On Tuesday, 20th March, 6pm – 8pm, the young women from YCSA’s Get Information Ladies will hold a multi-media performance alongside singer-songwriter Heir of the Cursed.

The YCSA Get Information Project brings young women together, aged between 16 and 25 and from different ethnic backgrounds, to take part in arts, music and media activities. For the past year they have worked with artists, photographers, poets, film makers, songwriters and media experts to develop new skills, have fun and create a safe, exciting community.  It is a place where young women can come to relax, share their difficulties and support one another; an opportunity to connect with other women from ethnic minority backgrounds; a chance to develop a voice and raise it.

The Project has had a positive effect on the young women taking part, as they say themselves:

'I feel safe, I feel heard. I feel helped.'

'Before I was alone and shy, but now I can speak to other people, ask for help in college and give my opinion.'

'Before I didn’t know how to express myself or make myself understood by others. Now I can tell people about my problems and struggles and that makes me feel better.'