Date: 9th - 13th November 2017, 10am - 6pm

Preview: 10th November 2017, Friday, 6pm - 9 pm

Stuffstarts marks the first formal gathering of Gel, a group of artists currently living and working in Glasgow, Edinburgh and London. The members of Gel developed a sensibility during their time together in Edinburgh at the early stages of their careers; a balancing act between seriousness in medium specificity and the playful celebration and marvel that can be found in making artworks.

The artists share a sense of happy-go-lucky intent, in which the act of creating is akin to the initial tentative steps upon the long and scary highway of life. Energetically reaching for opportunities and recognition, their hopes are grounded by an atmosphere of awkwardness as they attempt to embrace the contemporary art world. 

Feeling embarrassed, funny and sincere, the artists of Gel come together for Stuffstarts to optimistically start stuff.