Rural Rides with Chaparro - Land and Tradition in Spain's Sierra de Huelva

by Jan Nimmo

31st August, 6.00 - 9.00pm

Glasgow based artist and filmmaker, Jan Nimmo, has spent more than 10 years getting to know the Sierra de Huelva, its people, and the local skills and traditions of this part of Andalucia. She has done this on horseback, and has been able to explore places that are truly off the beaten track, gathering the testimonies of the agricultural workers, collecting images, and making portraits the people who work in the sustainable but now threatened cork industry. 

Jan will be sharing some of what she has learnt about the traditions and resilience of  the Sierra, and the threats that it now faces, and will open the discussion about how the people of the Sierra and their way of life have come to mean so much to her.