We're three Glasgow-based artists, in our final year as Fine Art undergraduates at GSA. Our work explores the interaction of people to spaces, and forms of non-verbal communication within a lens-based framework. Collectively we draw our inspiration from the city we live in, and the social nature of urban space in a broader context:

Paisley Diamond - “Viewing” is a window installation that provides a space to meditate and reimagine the act of looking through a window. Movement, colour and sound coalesce to transform the stillness of a window into an interactive space. Transforming the act of looking through the window, to one of looking in, from the window. 

Matthew Buick – My work seeks to examine the relationship of people to places, through images which explore the act of viewing. The images I create seek to refocus observation within photography, in a way which offers a relationship between subject and viewer, based on an open-ended dialogue around the act of viewing within a contemporary context.

Emmett McSheffrey – I’m interested in spaces: the metaphysical space between history and memory, the space between how we see ourselves and how others perceive us, and the physical space between our own bodies, communities, societies, and government. The image gives away for language to give us determinants, but the unreliability of language in turn takes us back to the image as a clear form of communication.

Room in 3 Dimensions is at New Glasgow Society 13 and 14th April, 09:00-17:00. Opening event: Thurs 13 April, 18:00-21:00.