What is it to be young and working under a capitalist economy? Its all you have known. What does that mean in your understanding of what the future holds? Where is the hope? How fruitful is our day to day lives? what do we take home with us? Skills? Education? Anger? Happiness? Anxiety? or just insanity.

This exhibition is something to visualise these ideas and cement a perspective on it.

The exhibition will a variation of mixed media; Sculpture, Video, Drawing, Photography, Performance. The artists are trying to create a dynamic in the exhibition which leaves out the mystic of contemporary art, using black comedy to engage the public to access the work in a way that deconstructs walls that are created by the means of calling it art.

The artist's work, is trying to establish what it means to work today. The notion of work has a level of glorification within it, to work is to live. The struggle means your doing it right but the artists work are trying to make the effects of this sort of mentality more transparent. It breeds a ground for loneliness, arrogance, hierarchies to set.

Their work also tries to deconstruct self expressionism as a means of capital. What is it we are considering normal? The idea of normal has manifested into something that is itself the other and not the majority. Each individual is working on their idea of themselves in their self reflecting expressionism through material and cultural economy. The overriding thematic idea is how youth are in a strange position. Depression is a serious issue in youth today, the exhibition is not necessarily trying to answer these questions but more riding the notion of depression and what visuals might represent this. Both artists are Glaswegian and use the Scottish humour of a bleak situation to make the most of it. 

Opening: 1st of May - 6-9


2nd of May - 11-5

3rd of May - 11-5