This exhibition guides the viewer on a journey through human civilization, and examines the traces we leave behind either as a group or as an individual when a change in patterns, movements or power occurs. 

While Stina looks at flow, movement and mastering of power and energy in a confined space and how this creates hierarchies, Alicia investigates the crossing between cultures, of migration and return, and the displacement that might occur and what this might look like.

Robbie takes interest in the minor moments of human interventions that disrupt the traditional reading of a daily routine or street scene and the precarious tension that forms when these fragmentary parts of overlooked language and actions are forced together. For instance, the primitive and temporary mark making seen on backs of dirty white vans and names left in recently wet concrete.

New Glasgow Society, 1307 Argyle Street, Glasgow, 16 March 6-9pm and 17th March 1-5pm