3 IN 1 EXHIBITION is an exhibition showing three works by three artists – Anne Mie Bak Andersen, Marie Anine Møller and Paula Duvå. The works in the exhibition are pointing in different directions thematically, but are all based in photography. The photograph is a tool to observe the world and a possibility to transform and stage what is seen. Its core is the line between being there and not existing at the same time.

The exhibition is an attempt to put together different approaches to the photographic language and find common grounds, similarities or disagreements in the work.

MARIE works with poles of contradiction and the idea that one doesn’t exist without the other. To really understand what things are, they need to not be that at some level. It is constructed or found fragments of contradictions in life or contradictions of understanding in general that is put together in a new way in order to create yet another possibility of truth.

ANNE MIE works around aspects of sustainability and recycle, reuse, reduce, and her work is very focused making projects that use materials that has been disregarded or work with things that one would normally disregard as they no longer have any value for people. Our society today is too focused on using and throwing away, both in our consumer life, but also in our relationships. The society today gives us the opportunity to see the greener grass on the other side, but I think we need to focus on taking care, repairing and loving, and watering our own grass.


PAULA is interested in the act of looking. Looking out and looking in. To look outwards at the surrounding and look inwards at how the surrounding structures the spaces we look from. The photographs in the exhibition are a documentation of three daily meals in Deportation Center Sjælsmark.

Opening: Monday February 13th 6-9 pm


Exhibition: Tuesday February 14th 1 – 5 pm