Diorama is a new installation of work by Glasgow based artist Adam Quinn, creating a pseudo avant-garde public space of the recent past within the New Glasgow Society gallery. 

Quinn uses a consciously clichéd formal vocabulary derived from the ubiquitous, badly aged, reliefs and monuments, found on and at the foot of brutalist post-industrial buildings across the city.

This vocabulary, employed with methods of ‘mise en scene’ plays with the audience’s apperception of such areas. The ability of the art object to describe, define or reflect upon a physical site is simultaneously called into question.

Themes of theatricality and artifice are also explored by contradicting the traditional site specific origins of  monuments and objects that often function as signifiers of public space. This contradiction takes place by creating a mobile site, one that can be disassembled and moved to occupy or create another.

The exhibition runs from Fri 9th- Thurs 15th December, 10am-4pm at New Glasgow Society. View the event on Facebook here.

Adam Quinn (b. 1991 in UK) lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland.