I remember walking with my father up High street on a busy Saturday.

Now its becoming a ghost town with 'for let' signs everywhere. even the ubiquitous charity shops that my mother loved to scavenge in are disappearing from this once loved area.

Don't get me wrong it is much loved by the residents and shop owners but it seems to have fallen by the wayside as GCC attempts to clone Buchanan street into a euro trash/ plastic dream.

Wouldn't it be awesome to see tourists and Glaswegians alike strolling through the High St to see the Necropolis, the Ladywell ,St Mungos and all the other hidden gems our beloved city has. 

I for one would be very sad to see the end of High Streets mixing pot of independent traders and quirky residents.Its a refreshing change to the cardboard horrors of the Style Mile.

So just why is this beloved area in danger of disappearing.

seems the only answer is one that no one in power will own up to ..Greed.