Artist and producer Annie Crabtree will be screening a film (no sound) in the window of NGS on Friday 14th Oct and Saturday 15th Oct from 6pm - midnight, to be viewed from the street. An open call is being made for workshop participants to come view the projection on the Friday (sign up here), and partake in a workshop on the Saturday to discuss the projection. On Sunday 16th Oct there will be an open drop in session during the day for anyone who is interested to pop in and find out more about the research.

How does it make you feel? Artist Moving Image in Public Space: a catalyst for social change

"The final manifestation of over 2 years worth of study will culminate in a dissertation project, for which I am currently undertaking research in various forms (interviews, workshops, and participation), drawing upon my background in art practice to examine the use of artist moving image and experimental documentaries installed temporarily in public spaces. I aim to understand the effects moving image artworks can have on audiences (from art-seeking audiences through to unintentional viewers and passersby) - how does it make them feel? 

"I want to find out if this method of creative communication can spread ideas about human rights concerns and social injustice issues, and potentially stimulate alternative political conversations and narratives out with the echo chamber of the mainstream media and social media platforms. By presenting ideas and questions visually in unexpected locations, can this technique stimulate potential for social change?"