3:00pm, Sunday July 17th
Clydesdale Amateur Rowing Club
Glasgow Green
G1 5QA

'The Clyde made Glasgow, and Glasgow made the Clyde', runs the old saying. It gave Glasgow life, connected it to the world, enabled it to become the trading powerhouse it once was, and has provided inspiration for centuries of writers and artists. So how is being treated in the city's largely post-industrial phase? Who really 'owns' the Clyde? What should we ask of it? What are the priorities for its future?

As part of Architecture Fringe 2016, New Glasgow Society will be hosting a series of talks and open-ended debate on Glasgow's river.

We will be bringing together stakeholders of all sorts to present their viewpoints - from the practical and strategic to the idealistic and speculative. Join us and contribute to a debate around what we can make of the Clyde. and what it may make of us.