ARTchitecture is an exhibition of collages that celebrates Glasgow's building heritage and merges the elements of art with architecture, and will run at NGS from 31st October - 13 November, 10am-4pm. A preview will take place at 18:30 on Tues Nov 1st.

Glasgow's iconic architecture is interpreted through a collection of distinctive, kaleidoscopic, 3D-effect collages. The artwork will draw your attention to the often overlooked or unnoticed features of buildings, and invite you to look closer at the reconstructed architectural detail.

The collages are created from photographs taken with the artist's sketchbook camera. When the images are selected and printed to make a collage, they are moved around and rearranged many times, on a board. Consideration is given to the line, shape, pattern and colour of the building features, when planning the art work. The photographs are then painstakingly hand cut to shape and backed with card, then placed into position on the design. Also,by raising parts of the design from the surface of the board, a sense of the three-dimensional aspect of the architecture develops.

You will recognise architecture by Charles Rennie Mackintosh, Alexander 'Greek' Thomson and William Leiper. You will see a collage called Glasgow Street which highlights the architecture of 14 significant buildings in the city in an elaborately reconstructed, imaginary,new building collage - Glasgow City Chambers, The Glasgow Mosque, Glasgow Cathedral, St Andrews Cathedral, The Central and Southside Gurdwaras and Garnethill Synagogue are all represented. Spend some time looking at this collage and you will be able to identify these buildings and others.