MMIM: Plus-One is a three day residency with ten artists at New Glasgow Society. The residency is organised by MMIM (Katie Reid and Emma Reid). Their projects, prompted by open-source methodologies, bring together artists to share and develop ideas through research, making, and dialogue. MMIM have a prevailing interest in working site-responsively, so the site plays a formative role for each project.

Along with Katie Reid and Emma Reid, residents for MMIM: Plus-One include: Annie Crabtree, Eileen Daily, Hannah Moitt, and Catherine Robb. Each of these four residents is asked to invite a ‘plus-one’ to participate in the residency in a move towards expanding the network of influences while remaining an interconnected unit. 

This deliberately short residency acts as a stimulus. Residents will work through new ideas with an acutely aware audience (each other), and explore how this newly formed group, MMIM: Plus-One, could work collectively/collaboratively/in correlation, and progress toward future projects.

MMIM are delighted that NGS will host the upcoming residency.