Cooking Sections (Daniel Fernández Pascual & Alon Schwabe), Carrie Gooch, Julie Hill, Rosie O’Grady, Rachel Sharpe

Pokey hat is Glaswegian slang for an ice-cream cone. Curatorial collective VERBureau presents an exploration into the socio-political history of the city through its ice-cream trade.

This ambitious project takes the form of a group exhibition of new works with artistic interventions and events extending beyond the gallery. Each artist is responding to a collection of research material that VERBureau has collated, which encompasses issues of identity, pop and queer culture, immigration, leisure, community and crime.

The artists are concerned with the intersections of the social, political and cultural landscape of the past and present, and research into these areas grounds their practices.

Four free events will be hosted in the space: a recipe sharing workshop, a talk and screening, a storytelling workshop and film night and slumber party.

On Saturday 9th April the exhibition opening is taking place at 5pm - more info about the project here:

On Tuesday 12th April there will be a talk as part of the programme - linking cafes and communities to wider issues of regeneration, that will feature Jonathan Charley and Chris Leslie in conversation, with discussion: 6.30pm