A show of new paintings by
Andrew Black
Rhett Leinster Evans
Judith Hagan
Alexandra Ruby Leach
Paul McKee
Ewan Murray
Sebastian Rivera
David Roeder
Martha Simms
October the 15th until October the 18th, 11-7pm
Opening October 15th, 7.30 pm
Drinks will be provided
There is an old saying which goes something like "People have painted since they were given hands", and there is another one which is "Only a lame person has to walk in the footsteps of the tiger". There is another one which says "Boil your potatoes after you harvest them and not before" and then there is another one which roughly translates as "A man with two brushes in his hands can't start a war". Neither Paul, nor Rhett, nor Ewan, nor Martha, nor Andrew, nor Judith, nor Sebastian, nor David, nor Alexandra are known to paint with two brushes (one in each hand). 
Something to do -
not as critical tool (why not write) or as means of referential investigation (why not read),
not as expression of one's innermost feelings (why not sing) or as political instrument (why not use the time better).
All of them live and practice in Glasgow.